I've already covered this briefly in another thread on here this morning, but this is another major bugbear of mine, historical brand names that used to stand for high quality and reliability, but sadly many of those brands are now no longer the actual manufacturers, but outsource from often anonymous manufacturers usually in the Far East (e.g, China) instead of the firms' native countries.

This practice has steadily become more apparent over the past 20 years or so, which IMO has rendered many once-great 'named' brands now meaningless.

Even worse for me is when many old brand names that were retired donkeys years ago are suddenly brought back from the dead, especially those whose products were reputable back in their respective heydays, but complete and utter crap in their new incarnations, often having no relationship with the original parent firms, and the brand names being resurrected purely to appeal to nostalgia, and when people actually buy said items, they often end up disappointed.

I do think consumers are take for far too many rides these days.

Hardly surprising the vintage second- hand market is a thriving business, where 'old is new' again!!