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Thread: Dizziness/disequilibrium.. what is your experience?

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    Dizziness/disequilibrium.. what is your experience?

    Feeling dizzy is another new symptom for me -which I think is probably caused by anxiety judging by all the other panic symptoms I keep getting.
    I keep feeling kind of off balance, or like I'm about to fall over if I don't hold onto something. Also if there is is a slight unexpected movement (e.g someone sitting on the sofa and it moves) I feel it much more obviously. Hubby and me went to view a house the other day and it was slightly subsiding but I felt like I was walking through one of those crazy houses at the fair with all the floors going up and down! (safe to say we didn't offer on that one!)
    It seems worse in the dark/dim light too.. feel like I'm on a ship or something.

    Just wondering what other people's experience of dizziness is like -anyone else experience this from anxiety? Is it normal to happen every day?
    Thanks in advance, once again!

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    Re: Dizziness/disequilibrium.. what is your experience?

    I go through spells of feeling this way. I remember one time I was at work (I work in pharmacy). I was looking for a bottle and someone bumped into the shelf and caused it to shake. Threw my equilibrium off so bad I thought I was about to collapse. I really can't tell if mine is anxiety related or due to a fairly bad build up of wax in my left ear (gross I know). I also get mild lightheadedness just about every day. I think it has to do with tension in the back and neck. I try to just ignore it now but easier said than done, I know.

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    Re: Dizziness/disequilibrium.. what is your experience?

    I feel the same most of the time, little movements that don't affect other people seem to affect me. Watching movement on the telly or scrolling on the sky home screen makes me feel this too. I've been told it's anxiety but I still don't get how anxiety can make me feel so bad if I know what it is. Also I take citralopram(10 months) so how come that isn't doing now to make me feel better. Some days it's like a vicious circle.

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