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Thread: Concrete Dust

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    Concrete Dust

    So where I work there is concrete workers that had to come to do some work (I am inside of a building)
    There is concrete dust and no N95 masks for us to wear while the work is done. If I remember correctly is is not good to breath in silica dust,especially outside. The concrete work they are doing is grinding down stuff.
    Are my fear relevant? If they are my job is on the line most likely if I dont go back.I walked off and told them the reasons, they are saying a normal face cloth mask should be ok.

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    Re: Concrete Dust

    Quote Originally Posted by SEANML View Post
    Are my fear relevant?
    You're inside a building and wearing a mask so no, the fear is not relevant.

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    Re: Concrete Dust

    But shouldnt it be a n95? I learnt in my old construction days that you require a certified n95. All we are using is a basic cloth over our faces .

    Thank you fgor helping with a response.

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