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Thread: Ultrasound breast - poking and prodding

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    Ultrasound breast - poking and prodding

    Hello ladies

    I have a question regarding an upcoming ultrasound. I am having somr issues with my right breast. It is swollen and has a hardish lump in the upper outer corner. I have been fiddling with it for 2 weeks now. Not all day long but 1 or 2 times a day. I was wondering. My ultrasound is next week. Is it possible they can't check it properly due to aggravation or fluid from my prodding? Has anyone ever did this also and did the radiologist comment on it. Or did you postpone the exam due to some prodding? I am worried i messed up and they can't tell...

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Ultrasound breast - poking and prodding

    Hey sunshine,

    Saw your thread looking all lonely so I thought I'd stop by...

    All I know about breasts is that they can be lumpy and tender and it be fine. I've known lots of ladies with breast lumps and bumps but nobody with breast cancer. I also know that poking and prodding any part of our bodies will cause tenderness - soreness even.

    It's like when you have a zit and keep touching it? It starts to hurt more than if you'd left it alone. That said, I like picking my zits - well I did when I had them. Stimmy!

    Hope all goes well with your ultrasound.
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