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Thread: Convinced it's MS

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    Convinced it's MS

    So for a year exactly I've been getting what I can only describe as a nerve tingly pulling sensation in my left thigh localised and my left arm localised does move from time to time but always left side and now and again same feeling on scalp left side. GP was referring me to a neurologist but covid happened and I decided not to bother.
    I had a few months of no symptoms and it came back end of July strangely only started with little finger and then full symptoms came back. I sometimes have a break say a week of no symptoms but always comes back at some point.
    I'm hear today as my symptoms have been constant all day where I feel this nerve sensation it can sometimes feel pain it's not painful but enough to feel it, like a gnawing pain and the tingly nerve sensation spreads further down the arm and further down the leg. Always outside of arm and leg too.
    I never get days where I could say it's constantly the arm or constantly the leg which would make think pinched nerve. When the arm starts the leg will follow and vice Versa.
    I got my health anxiety under control years ago but now and again I do still come back here for reassurance maybe or maybe I am worrying even tho I feel like I'm not like I used too.

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    Re: Convinced it's MS

    Quote Originally Posted by Welshworry View Post
    GP was referring me to a neurologist but covid happened and I decided not to bother.
    The most likely causes for symptoms like these are good old anxiety (if you are prone to severe anxiety). Let's not bother with the 'There's no way anxiety can be causing this!' because it absolutely can - which people tend to find out once all tests have failed to find anything sinister.

    Or, it can be due to nerve impingement which most of my 'MS' symptoms turned out to be..

    I got my health anxiety under control years ago
    It's not under control now because you're here seeking reassurance.

    HA is a sneaky bugger. There is always the potential for it to creep back in, especially when we stop doing the things which helped us to get better, and I'd say that our mate HA is paying you a visit for sure.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's common sense to get neurological symptoms checked out, but it's most likely not going to be what you fear it is.
    There is a light. There is. Look for it. Look for it shining over your shoulder, on the past. It was light where you went once. It is light where you are now. It will be light where you will go again. ~ Jennifer Worth

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