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Thread: Bbq gone wrong

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    Bbq gone wrong

    Hey I honestly donít even know what Iím scared of right now. Iím at an event and they are roasting a pig. So there is a lot of smoke being given off from the pit. They are also grilling a lot of other foods too. I ate some rice, and chicken. The chicken was brutally charred to be honest. But good. Anyways. After eating I feel a slight headache. Idk if itís because Iím dehydrated or tired. But then my husband and myself went to sit down and we sat in close proximity to the bbq pit. We sat there for about 20 minutes (it was out in the open/open air/outdoors) but Iím really sensitive to the smoke. So we had to move. Iím not sure if this exacerbated the headache or caused it to be honest. I just felt unwell. Anyways we moved and now Iím feeling better and my headache seems to have gone away. But Iím really scared. Was I experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning or something like that? Maybe smoke inhalation damage? Idk itís just freaking me out. And Iím also pregnant. BTW.

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    Re: Bbq gone wrong

    Nah it’s more than likely just the smoke. Is it cold where you’re at? Sunny? Both of those things will sometimes bring on headaches in me as well.

    For what it’s worth I’ve sat by a bbq pit for hours being exposed to the bbq smoke. Smells so good lol. And I’m fine, you will be too!

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