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Thread: Headaches again

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    Head pains

    Iím having a bad time atm

    Does anyone get head pains in your forehead like a sharp shooting pain what is this ?
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    Re: Head pains

    Yes. And in the temples etc, its just all stress that brings it on, and the more you think about it the more you may notice it, take some paracetomol and just chill xx

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    Headaches again

    Hi all I havenít been diagnosed but I think I have the condition , I have migraines and tension headaches tension headaches almost daily , where Iíve circled on the picture I get shooting pains and sometimes pain when I move or cough not all the time but this has been happening the past few days, I also get eye lid twitching same side and have done for
    Months on and off . My face that side sometimes goes numb to .. Also what causes it and can you die sorry for the long post I have bad anxiety Iíve had a tough few months Iíve lost my nan and my daughter whoís 12 has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes . Is this all just stress
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    Anxiety creates fear , fear creates pain

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    Re: Headaches again

    Iíve had persistent tension headaches as an anxiety/stress symptom in the past, along with some migraines / shooting pains in my head. One time the shooting was in the centre, and so bad I screamed and cried. Caffeine makes it worse, try to cut back or eliminate if you can. Cold weather also made mine worse. I actually put a woolly hat on with the terrible shooting pain and it subsided. Itís irritated nerves that cause it. The numbness tho.. never had that, but I read if a nerve is pinched or trapped it can cause numbness. Sounds all connected to me, though Iím no doc. Might put your mind at ease to get checked out xx
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    Re: Head pains

    I replied on your other post, but sharp shooting head pain is from irritated nerves (my triggers for it are stress, caffeine, cold weather, slight injury - or a combination of them) nothing to worry about but annoying and can be mild-extremely painful, make sure your head is kept warm and some soothing warm milk / cosy drinks may help. And/or painkillers xx

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    Re: Headaches again


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