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Thread: The vaccine

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    Re: The vaccine

    Quote Originally Posted by ankietyjoe View Post
    It's one of the reasons why people who suffer with anxiety, suffer with anxiety. Always looking for the worst case scenario.
    Sadly I think a lot of us in general have become 'conditioned' into looking for and expecting the worst-case scenarios, especially over the past 30 years or so where the media have become even more extreme in their sensationalism and propaganda during the time that has elapsed.

    I clearly remember 1991 being a pretty horrible year, due to both general circumstances (e.g, things in the news at that time such as the first Iraq war, the early 90s recession, IRA terror attacks, city riots, high crime rates in general, etc), and personal circumstances (which I won't bore you all with in this instance).

    Imagine what it might have been like if we had the Internet as we now know it and social media back then?

    Conversely, just imagine what it might have been like if we had the Covid pandemic back then in the still-relatively low-tech early 90s, without all the mass communication technology we take for granted today?

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    Re: The vaccine

    How did people cope with Spanish Flu without wall to wall news coverage and eminent scientists at the helm? And with a World War going on at the same time?

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    Re: The vaccine

    I raised this point with a friend of mine recently.

    The internet is a fantastical paradox that provides people all the information they need to become as misinformed as they like.

    The global witch hunt that is BillGates-Gate, is bafflingly bewildering to me. The absolute need that people have to tear down people who are clearly and OBVIOUSLY doing good. They are the same kind of people that don't believe Covid is a real thing, despite it happening literally all around them.

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    Re: The vaccine

    There are actually people in hospital with Covid needing ventilation who don't believe Covid exists.

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