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Thread: Scared of going to sleep

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    Scared of going to sleep

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I wrote here, now I'm back with a new fear. All my direct family members have lower heartbeats, and I'm no exception, we can have as low as 40 hbpm when resting, I had a 24 hr Holter done and when asleep I had 36 at one point. The doctors where always amazed by this saying that we must be really fit, and in fact we have always worked out alot, my parents me and my sister used to be muay Thai and jiu jitsu competitors, they now own a gym and give classes there so they are still really fit but I stopped working out a long time ago, I only hit the gym once in a while now even though I'm still active, I walk alot everyday but still I don't think that explains my low hb... The doctors just look a little confused at first but then they fob it off. Well after I received my Holter results I was terrified cause of my low heartbeats while sleeping, now I'm so scared ill go to sleep and my heart will just stop, I don't suffer from dizziness or chest pains, and I do not run out of breath usually. Can this low hb thing be genetic and it's just the way our heart pattern is or do I really have a issue? I'm so scared, the doctors just fob it off but I'm so scared of going to sleep

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    Re: Scared of going to sleep

    Bradycardia is quite common and if your heartbeat is regular and you are not hypoxic (lack of oxygen), then doctors don’t seem to worry about it. I have problems with the electrical activity in my heart which causes me problems – near fainting being the worst, but low pulse rate also, but I’ve had all the tests done and the hospital said it’s not nice but stop worrying, your heart is not going to just stop.

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