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Thread: Still having foul smelling stool

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    Still having foul smelling stool

    I feel like everybody thinks I'm crazy, but I swear my crap has been smelly extra funky as of late, kind of like chemicals....I can't really even describe it. Other than that, theres no blood, theres no thinning, no unintentional weight loss, but I still can't help but think I can't ignore this symptom and that it can be a sign of of something bigger and more serious. Malabsorption can be a symptom of bowel cancer, and considering the urinary symptoms I had and the back/flank pain I'm dealing with, I can't help but think I had it all wrong, and that my symptoms were caused by not bladder cancer, but colon cancer...

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    Re: Still having foul smelling stool

    See you are still intent on having cancer and still looking for proof that you have it.

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    Re: Still having foul smelling stool

    Crikey I am lucky I live alone my crap doesn’t smell of roses the last thing I think of is the big C.All those legumes I have been eating lately really stinks the house out

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    Re: Still having foul smelling stool

    Poop floats and it sinks
    It's different colors and it stinks.
    It can be hard or soft like mush
    Do your business and just flush!

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