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Thread: Worried about upcoming upper endoscopy

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    Worried about upcoming upper endoscopy

    25,male. I had an upper GI endoscopy a year ago because of recurring nausea. It showed mild chronic gastritis and GERD, negative h. pylori. I didnt start treatment because I was so happy to not have cancer that I totally dismissed it. Half a year ago I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I had the surgery a month ago. Anyways, 5 days ago while I was eating, I felt the lower part of my esophagus move/contract/transfer food to stomach and I panicked. It just felt off and now I'm worried about esophageal or stomach cancer. Is it even possible to develop one a year after a clear upper endoscopy? I've read that the intestinal type grows pretty slow but young people like me tend to get the diffuse type, which grows faster I guess. Sorry but I'm just really anxious now, one cancer is enough for me. I know that my anxiety is irrational, I even checked cancer databases and there's on average 7 stomach cancer male diagnoses annually in 20-29 age group, and there's about 3 million males in 20-29 age group in my country, which translates to 1 in 430000 young males getting that cancer each year, which is low but still I'm scared and anxi

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    Re: Worried about upcoming upper endoscopy

    You have been through a lot in the last year so its no surprise you are very anxious. Well done for getting through your thyriod treatment.

    As you stated the numbers are extremely low at your age and I think its quite a rare cancer in any age in fact.

    Please do not Google as you will just scare yourself to death.

    The symptoms you describe can be from anxiety or another flare up of gastritis but the endoscopy will tell you for sure and will put your mind at rest . Have you spoken to your gp about your fears ?

    I have bad health anxiety at the moment so I know it can be so stressful and the thoughts we have can really ruin our days .

    Try and stay calm and remember no Google xx

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