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Thread: Anyone had h pylori (helicobacter)

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    Anyone had h pylori (helicobacter)

    Hi after 6 months of stomach issues I finally got tested for helicobacter after asking my gp for months to test me . She kept saying you were negative in January so it will still be negative. She was wrong it was positive. I had it 9 years ago and I knew the symptoms. So I just completed the antibiotics for it 7 days worth it wasnt very nice but manageable.

    I still have reflux and burping.

    Does anyone who has had this remember how long it took to feel better ? I can't recall .

    i have to do it for my kids if not for myself

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    Re: Anyone had h pylori (helicobacter)

    My wife had it many years ago. Same deal. A strong course of antibiotics that messed up her stomach for a few weeks. She took and still takes a pro-biotic that helps. Just give it time. Things will eventually settle down.

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    Re: Anyone had h pylori (helicobacter)

    Thanks I appreciate your reply.

    Yes i take a probiotic always have .
    Thank you

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