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Thread: Fast noticeable heart rate

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    Fast noticeable heart rate

    Started when trying to go to sleep I felt it at night beating hard and fast and now I'm getting it throughout the day after eating etc... anyone else get this too? Only started over the past week or so and I'm already obsessing with it
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    Re: Fast noticeable heart rate

    Listen to Claire Weekes on YouTube xx

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    Re: Fast noticeable heart rate

    Everybody's heartrate increases slightly after eating. It's part of the digestion process.

    Anxious people are more aware of this because they're hypersensitive to normal sensations in the body, and once aware, fear makes the heart race like Usian Bolt off the starter blocks!

    Also, most people generally don't understand how the body works..

    When you have anxiety, it's helpful to lay off the stimulants - refined carbs, sugary food, soda - all the naughty but nice stuff. Or fill your boots and just accept that the symptom is unpleasant, but it won't harm you.

    And definitely listen to Claire!
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