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Thread: Palps in specific situations?

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    Palps in specific situations?

    Hi all! I have a history of general anxiety and health anxiety. Although it's gotten better over the years, a bit over a year ago, I started getting PVCs/"skipped beats" as a pretty obvious stress/anxiety symptom. The main factor seems to be lack of sleep. A few days of solid sleep usually take care of most or all of them. During these stressful times, that's been easier said than done, of course.

    Here's my question, though: Although the palps can happen anytime, there are certain times and situation when I am much more likely to experience them. Mornings and evening are usually the best times, late mornings and midday tend to be the worst. That can probably somehow be linked to stress/activity levels. What's weirder, though, is that I get them like a clockwork after taking a shower. And while I don't tend to get many skipped beats during workouts, I often get a few after working out.

    Does anyone else experience skipped beats in very specific situations?

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    Re: Palps in specific situations?

    Hi there, I don't get skipped bears but I get tachycardia during/after shower or bowel movements

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    Re: Palps in specific situations?

    It's normal. No need to monitor or check it.

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    Re: Palps in specific situations?

    Agreed, sounds normal and nothing worth monitoring / checking regularly. I do tend to experience them after vigorous exercise, but that's normal.

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