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Thread: Physiotherapy for anxiety

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    Physiotherapy for anxiety

    Hi all, I've started seeing a new therapist to try schema therapy (more on that soon), but today I went to see a physiotherapist about neck pain. She is a pain specialist, but she explained that pain comes in many forms, including anxiety.

    She asked me what's been going on in my life and I couldn't help myself and started crying. I spilled everything about my health anxiety and how bad it's been this year.

    She was amazing and told me all about her own struggles with anxiety and how physical and mental health interlink. She is going to give me an exercise plan that she said will help my body to release tension.

    She said these exercises will require my full concentration to maximise endorphins. This makes sense as no amount of walking seems to help my anxiety very much as it's just more time for overthinking.

    I honestly never thought of seeing a physio for anxiety, but after talking to her I can see it makes perfect sense even if it happened by fluke.

    We ran out of time to treat my neck, but it was totally worth it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share in case this helps someone else.

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    Re: Physiotherapy for anxiety

    I'm so pleased that she is helping you, Carrie. It doesn't matter what plan she devises, if it helps you to put a different spin on managing the anxiety then it's got to be beneficial. You're right in that walking just gives you a chance to overthink and "forest bathing" isn't always the "cure" when issues are more deep rooted and complex.

    Good luck with the exercise plan..and let us know how you are getting on with it!

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    Re: Physiotherapy for anxiety

    Physiotherapy isn't going to directly affect anxiety, but your physio is correct in describing the mind/body connection.

    The mind and body are in a constant feedback loop so you can't dissociate one from the other, so feeling physically better will be one of the ingredients that help you feel better mentally too.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Physiotherapy for anxiety

    I definitely felt better when I was exercising (causes a bit of controversy on the fibro boards does that) but I had to stop 2 months ago due to abdo pain. The abdomen has to be engaged during most exercises, so I've had to stop while they're faffing about trying to find out what's wrong.
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