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Thread: Strange stains in light colour bras

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    Strange stains in light colour bras

    Hi everyone

    This may be a little bit of an odd one. I have noticed that I have had small oil / grease looking stains where my nipples / areola meets the bra cup on beige / light beige bras. Not everyone of them but I wonder if it is because I haven't noticed them and thrown them in the wash. I don't think I am having nipple discharge as I don't have a discharge when I squeeze. I am wondering if anyone other women have noticed this?

    Is this oil/sweat from the areola / nipple? Anyone else noticed this and have any idea what it is. I am starting to worry and I don't want to. Thank you to anyone who replies in advance!

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    Re: Strange stains in light colour bras

    Most likely oil gland and sweat. Bras are not very airy at all unless you get the very thin cotton ones without padding so you end up sweating that's what causes the stains. I have them on my bras and also where the armpit area is. I have to soak them in stain remover before I wash it.

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    Re: Strange stains in light colour bras

    Thank you for responding, I didn't think anyone would! Appreciate it.

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    Re: Strange stains in light colour bras

    I have them too. Havenít been worried about them because i assumed it was sweat or something from areola. Itís unusual for me not to be worried about something so i would say itís okay.

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