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Thread: Weird heart vibration

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    Weird heart vibration

    Hello, over the past 2 weeks or so Iíve been experiencing this weird vibrating/buzzing sensation from what seems to be my heart. It lasts a few seconds at most everytime it happens but seems to always throw me into a little panic attack. I had a major panic attack 2 days prior to when this started where I was having some extremely bad heart palpitations to the point where I almost called an ambulance. Long story short I went to the ER last week because I thought I was having a heart attack at work. They ran a bunch of tests and ended up discharging me with a 24hr holter monitor and saying it was most likely anxiety related. The ekg and blood tests came back fine while at the ER also. Keep in mind Iím a relatively healthy 28 year old with a history of minor high blood pressure that is controlled with medication. I also have a history of panic attacks and anxiety but havent had a flair up like this for about 3 years! Just looking to see if anyone has experienced this also?

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    Re: Weird heart vibration

    I've experienced this sensation many times over the years. I've also had plenty of cardiac related tests over that time, including an echocardiogram and treadmill stress test. All is well, but the odd sensations such as this "vibration" can still induce anxiety from time to time. I agree that panic/anxiety/stress are most likely the cause for the both of us. Nothing to worry about.

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