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Thread: High anxiety over tummy issues

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    High anxiety over tummy issues

    I havenít posted for a while honestly but the last couple of weeks have been a lot.
    This past week Iíve had a really bad diet really. Mac n cheese. Spicy chicken and rice. Avacado [Which is healthy ish] and chicken.

    Last night I had a really citrus based beer and a tiny bit of wine. I had a few sharp pains in my tummy but they went off after a bit. This morning I pooped first thing and have been three more times today and held off on eating much but Iíve kept sipping water.
    I assume itís my bowels playing up cos Iíve had a very rich diet this last week.
    Iíve recently been fairly constipated even though Iíve gone every day itís just been bits at a time.
    This happens every few months I guess but today itís making my anxious as anything and Iím kinda just panicking something is wrong. I also skipped a couple days of my sertraline last week entirely by accident.
    Just feeling like I need someone to understand because my family are supportive but get fed up of my anxiety. Any shared experiences or just to reassure Iíll really appreciate it.

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    Re: High anxiety over tummy issues

    I think you know why you have these problems - your diet.

    Get back on track with that and things will settle.

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    Re: High anxiety over tummy issues

    Thanks for replying. Itís the twingey stomach pains that are getting me down but itís only been a day or so. I guess your insides can feel bruised sometimes, thatís what it feels like.

    I had beer and wine and spicy food yesterday 🤔😢😢

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