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Thread: Pins & needles lasted a few hours for my daughter

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    Pins & needles lasted a few hours for my daughter

    Hi all, I'm having a bad time with health anxiety at the moment, one thing after another.
    I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this, and while I am trying different meds and have my first counselling appointment next week, I'm really hoping someone can give me reassurance now (I know it's not recommended but it's desperately needed)

    When I called my daughter (who's 13) this morning to get up for school, she mentioned she had pins and needles in her foot. I thought ok, anyone can wake up with pins and needles. When I was dropping her off at school an hour later I just asked her how her foot was. She said she still had them but thought it was improving a bit. I asked her again this evening, very casually and not making a big deal of it, if her foot improved during the day. She said it was ok now but it took it a couple of hours to go away.

    So this is setting alarm bells ringing in my head. I really don't think that I've ever had pins and needles that lasted for a few hours. Something like MS is worrying me. I don't know what would make them last for such a long time.

    Has anyone had any experience of pins and needles lasting a few hours?

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    Re: Pins & needles lasted a few hours for my daughter

    Trapped nerve for sure.

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