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Thread: Thin stools

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    Thin stools

    Hi everyone,

    I am struggling with the worry off colon c.

    I have had issues for a while with my stools and sometimes they have been thin but would go back to normal but this time they havenít and itís really worrying me. They have been thin for a few weeks now. I have been under stress but this has never happened for so long before.

    I had a colonoscopy done 2 years in January but thatís so long ago now. Nothing was found which was a relief. I had the colonoscopy done because I had digestive issues and my stools were yellow and floating. But now Iím having the thin stools for ages. I have had the stool test looking for blood and it was clear but I still canít shake the worry.

    My school friend passed away at 38 from bowel cancer and this sticks in my mind as well. I wasnít in contact with her at the time so donít know how it happened but with this age things do get dismissed sometimes.

    I remember when my stools changed and I was taking extra vitamin C and drinking fruit and veg powder shakes and I was going to the toilet 3 times some days and on one particular time I remember straining so much and this is roughly when things changed.

    I will keep pushing the doctors but need to reach out and talk to people about this.

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    Re: Thin stools

    Firstly I know the worry of bowel issues and have had skinny bms and all manner of variations. I do know bowel cancer is extremely slow growing so chances of you having bowel cancer are, I would say extremely unlikely. Your colonoscopy was clear 2 years ago so take great comfort in that. Chances are you might have ibs or just a nervous tummy. The fecal test was clear too so try not to worry. Try to eat some bulking foods like bananas and see how you feel. Skinny bms as a symptom on it's own is not usually a concern.

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