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Thread: Strange feeling in shoulder/neck

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    Strange feeling in shoulder/neck

    For a while now I've had a strange heavy feeling in the right side of my neck/shoulder. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where sensation is coming from and quite difficult to explain. But basically the whole area around my neck/shoulder just feels heavy like it's swollen.

    Ive been having a feel around compared to the other side and originally convinced myself there is swelling above my collarbone. But I don't think this true. I have now thought I have found swelling in the back of my shoulder and down the right side of my neck. It feels more swollen than the left side. But again I'm not sure if I'm imagining this. Or if one side of my neck is just fatter than the other.

    I do think I've had this feeling in this area in the past. But now I've started to think it may be cancer or something sinister.

    Just wondering if anyone ever had anything similar or what this could be.

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    Re: Strange feeling in shoulder/neck

    I have something similar in my left shoulder area. I'm fairly sure its just from tension as I had an xray recently and they didn't find anything.

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