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Thread: Temperature after Ovulation

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    Temperature after Ovulation

    Again back with temperature concerns. I was wondering if anyone ever had temp changes up or down post ovulation or even 2 weeks or less before their period.

    My temp since yesterday has been within normal readings but its been 97.9-98.2 or 98.4 F since my thermometer says for accuracy to add .02 to the initial readings. Im worried about developing a fever but I guess I would of developed it one by now since my temp does go back down a little (i guess that wouldnt matter since i could still be getting a fever?) I never really paid much attention to my temp my previous cycles but now I've been laser focused on it because my forehead gets rather warm and i need to check.

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    Re: Temperature after Ovulation


    Your temperature is supposed to go up after ovulation. It’s a sign that your progesterone levels are rising and it is one of the main signs of successful ovulation. Others include an increase of clear cervical mucus and a high, soft, and open cervix. A raised temp means that you ovulated already. If you were charting temps for pregnancy you would look for high temps that go past 14 days and then test for pregnancy. If you are interested in learning more about the hormonal system and how all of these seemingly random health signs fit together, check out “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. It’s a great guide whether you are looking to get pregnant or just learn how your body works.

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