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Thread: Right tonsil worries

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    Right tonsil worries

    Hey all!
    For the past several weeks I have been dealing with a weird tonsil issue. My right tonsil has been a little
    bigger than my left for as long as I can remember. Recently I had been having some pain in the tonsil area and ear. Not a sore throat but a sore tonsil. Iím prone to tonsil stones and had squished several out. During this time I can just ďfeelĒ my tonsil. I assumed it was inflammatory. I constantly felt like something was caught in my throat on the right side. I went to urgent care where she diagnosed me with tonsillitis and did a CBC and my white count was slightly elevated. She gave me augmentin and told me to come back if it got worse. That was like 6 weeks ago. So fast forward, I still get that feeling like something is caught. It will last 2-3 days and then go away and few normal. Then 4-5 days later that feeling comes back. Iím worried because one of the symptoms of C is feeling like there is something stuck in the throat. I have that feeling regularly with periods of normalcy. I did get another tonsil stones out a couple of days ago. Anyone have this? Fishman????

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    Re: Right tonsil worries

    You know what fishman will say

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    Re: Right tonsil worries

    I am really trying hard not to over react. It’s been over 2 months now, probably almost 3 months that I have been dealing with this tonsil issue. Off and on I feel like there is something stuck on that side. Most days I don’t bother it at all. Maybe once a week I check for stones and there are always stones. Every single time I have checked, I can get stones out. Occasionally after I get the stones out, there will be a very minor amount of blood that I believe is just from the trauma of removing stones. However today I was feeling some very mild pain (I haven’t had pain in weeks). So I thought it’s possibly another stone. So I pushed a little and lots of stone/gunk came out. )I know that’s so gross.) This tome
    though, my tonsil started actively bleeding. Not like blood-tinged saliva but like my tonsil was dripping blood. I spit it up and when I stopped bothering them, they stopped bleeding. But I’ve never had that much bleeding before. It wasn’t a large amount of blood but it was bright red and did drip. Now I’m more worried than ever because bleeding tonsil is a symptom of the big c.

    It’s obvious I have a problem with tonsil stones but I’ve only ever had one here or there and lately they appear chronic. But Im afraid that this chronic inflammation is from something horrible!!

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