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    Hey all I haven't been here in awhile, just checking in with all of you, I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar, I didn't see a thread about in the main topic area the one with Anxiety, OCD, Depression, so I guess it goes here. I am on a roller coaster ride that I feel like I can't get off of. I am either full of energy, or none at all, my thoughts are everywhere, I either can't sleep or sleep too much, I want to shop and spend money like crazy, talking to fast, I am so tired of this spiraling up and down...anyone else have bipolar?
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    Re: Bipolar

    I don't have Bipolar, I have high functioning aspergers. A handful of people on here have speculated I may have because I have exactly the same problems as you. Cloud 9 one moment, then bamn I'm down in the dumps.

    I can relate. Are you on any medications for your Bipolar?
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    Re: Bipolar

    Hi Wired, I am supposed to be taking Lamictal, but I try to control by myself, by working out, cleaning, doing something creative when I am manic, and then allowing myself to stay in bed, or doing self care things when I am depressed, as far as the shopping goes, Hubby has my cards until I am in the normal state and he set me up with an amazon gift card that has 100.00 on it each month that I can spend. Bipolar is kind of hard to diagnose, it took me six years of talking to my psych and keeping a detailed mood journal and journal everyday to track my moods and my episodes.
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