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Thread: Well here we go... 150mg

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Day 8 on 225mg and the headaches and nausea are really quite bad at the moment. I think I could have shares in paracetamol and Rennie at the moment. Also still feel quite sluggish but that could be down to feeling rubbish with the other side effects going on. I really hope these pass soon as it's quite difficult working when your head is banging and you feel like you are going to throw up all day. apart from these side effects nothing major to report really.

    I drop down to 10mg of nort tonight for a week or 2 then stop that completely. I know it's far too early to expect anything but I would settle for getting rid of the headaches and nausea at the moment.

    Ava x

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Hi Ava

    Sorry not been in touch, I think it's just because my life has been so busy. I am not sure what has happened but since starting the 150mg I have been feeling great. I don't want to jinx this but 2 weeks down the line and no issues at all. I do have saw as you jaw pain but only on the right side. I wake in the morning and feel as if someone has punched me. It wears off during the day but comes back again each morning. If thats the only side effect then I can deal with it.

    I have been doing more and going out. Went to the cinema last night, been out for food as well with no issues. I so hope this is it for me now. Not sure if its the 112.5 finally kicking in or the 150 starting to improve things. I know with Ven that time is the essence so I do hope say in another 6/8 weeks I will be much better again.

    I still don't like the issue of taking these tablets and can't seem to get passed that even though I took Cit for years. But I am sure it will become part of my routine soon enough. So glad you are doing well with minimum side effects. I do get the headaches as well but not as bad now.

    I so hope this continues for both of us.

    With love
    Angie xx

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    I'm so pleased things are going well for you Angie, fingers crossed this is the dose for you. x

    So day 10 for me on the 225mg and the last 5 days haven't been good at all. The main things I am experiencing at the moment are...

    Severe nausea that starts about 3-4 hours after I take my ven in the morning and lasts until I go to sleep.
    Headaches, mainly between and around my eyes and my jaw feels a little sore, think I am clenching.
    My muscles ache, and they are really fatigued when I go to use them. Again I think I am tensing them up.
    Fatigued in general.
    Disturbed sleep.
    A little anxiety back.

    I called my doctor yesterday to ask for some anti-sickness tablets as I know people have been prescribed them but he told me he wanted to see me. I went into the doctors and he said the things I was experiencing were because I have too much Venlafaxine in my system and he wanted me to drop back down to the 187mg. This really confused me as I thought these were all just side effects that would improve in the next week or so. I told him this and he said he didn't think that was likely. I said it would be a shame when I have done 9 days on this dose to drop down and he reluctantly gave me some anti-sickness tablets but told me that I couldn't have them for any more than a week and only to use when the nausea was extreme as they would make me feel drunk. He also made a note on my file that said I had gone against his wishes to drop the dose down.

    This all really confused me and made me feel really bad and then I started questioning if maybe the dose is too high. My family said to stay on the 225mg dose and to email the phych so I emailed him yesterday afternoon. No reply as yet and I am due to take the next dose again now and I am scared. I just feel so conflicted on what I should be doing. I am going to take the 225mg today though and hope the phych messages me back today.

    I need to go and pick the anti sickness up from the chemist so I will go in my lunch hour today and take one this afternoon if it gets bad again.

    My parents are flying off on holiday today for a week so I can't even go around there to work... Oh well onwards as usual.

    Ava x

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    So today is 5 days reduced back down to the 187.gmg after the phych said to drop back down. The nausea has lessened, still there slightly but not nearly as bad.

    Not sure how long I have been on these in total now, I think it is 4 weeks.

    Up to now...

    Anxiety is reduced from when I started.
    The muscles in my arms, legs, face and chest are all tensing up, I am pretty sure this is involuntary and not me doing it, when they do release they are sore and very weak and I also think this is causing the headaches. This is the main problem at the moment. I also had this at lower doses and I don't think it fully went away so if it is still here in 2 weeks when I see the phych I will have to mention it as it is making my body exhausted and weak. It is also taking me ages to get to sleep at night.

    That it is for the moment.

    Ava x

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Hi Ava

    I am so sorry things have not gone to plan for you. Do you think the dose of 187 will be the dose you stick at? Did reducing back down go ok as sometimes maybe that can give you some withdrawal symptoms similar to side effects.

    Things this week haven't been too great. That sinking feeling has come back but not as bad and the ability to look forward to things and feel I want to enjoy them has not been there. Hope you understand what I mean?? I know its only 21 days on the 150mg so probably only now they are getting into my system that's why I am experiencing some side effects now I think. Not sure about you but this wears me down at times as I just want to get on with my life as it used to be. You read good and bad reviews wherever you go for every medication not just AD's. But this med is supposed to be the best and is prescribed by many Psych's over anything else.

    I am now also putting on weight quite rapidly so am having to start to watch what I eat and limit my calorie intake. I hope these feelings are just due to the rise in the dose and will settle soon and I can enjoy my life without food haha. I know quite a few friends on 150mg and they are doing so well.

    I can't help but compare to Cit when I felt well all the time obvs until they stopped working. I know Cit would not have worked straight away for me so I must have gone through some process. I know comparing isn't going to do me any good.

    Hope the last few days have been good for you Ava. I do think about you a lot.

    Much love


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