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Thread: Well here we go... 150mg

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Thank you panic down under for replying to be well that gives me hope that maybe the meds are starting to kick in and in time maybe the anxiety side of it will subside too I was previously on this med but was on 150mg around 2 and half years ago came of it because wasn't recommended in pregnancy I guess I'm a little bit more calmer and relaxed then I was when I started was constant 24/7 anxious and panicky now I'm getting some relaxing time so I should be grateful for that and to know it's still early days gives me more hope thank you

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Hi Kalie, we sound so similar in a lot of ways with previously being on Cit and now ven. It's good you are getting some relaxing time and fingers crossed in a few weeks things will be significantly better.

    Still chugging along here, no change really. 8 weeks on the 150 ven dose and 2 weeks on the 30mg nort dose. Still suffering with anxiety. Better than I was but not anywhere near where I would like to be. It's the stomach anxiety I hate the most which I have today. Might give my doctor a call in two weeks when I have been on the nort a month and ask to be increased to 187. As much as I really don't want to increase, it's pointless being on the medication if it's not working correctly. I think giving it 10 weeks is long enough, unless i feel better in the next 2 weeks that is.

    Still feeling sick and feel like I have an upset stomach and it's really doing me no good being at home on my own all day. Roll on Saturday when my husband is off work.

    That's it for now. Ava x

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Hi Ava,
    I know it's so disheartening when your getting some improvement but not completely where we want to be they do say some time it can take upto 12 weeks to get full benefits from the med especially if you have previously been on the med before for some reason it can take even longer to settle I joined at know when I was previously on this med it worked wonders for me and I hope to be at that place again soon I think it's also to do with covid and lockdown and feeling fed up with not many things we can do that makes it even worse for us hopefully not long and we will both be where we want to be with this medication I hope your sicky feeling goes soon nothing worse then feeling sick.
    Take care
    Kalie x

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    Re: Well here we go... 150mg

    Hi maca44
    How long did your increase take to work I've been on it 5 weeks but have it upped 4 times in that time frame I'm currently on 225mg for 12 days now I see a little improvement like I don't go into full blown panic attacks but I am still quite anxious at the beginning I was getting a couple hours sleep now I'm falling asleep at 8 and sleeping until 3.30am the past 4 nights, I woke up today feeling panicky think I had a horrible dream last thing I heard in my dream was being put to sleep it's come and gone and come again the panicky feeling but without going into a attack my trigger used to be the big C word not covid because my nan died from it when I was 6 that's when my attacks started I'm 30 now they been worse then ever these last 5 weeks because my tablets stopped working so thats why I switched straight onto venlafaxine also I tested positive for covid I literally broke down and cried saying I'm going to die I only had it mildly thank god and symptoms went in 9 days but now I was stuck with the crippling anxiety and panic attacks I'm having so much more calmer relaxed days but the anxiety is still quite there a bit now all I keeping thinking is about stopping breathing and that's now my main trigger I think which I don't understand why I've not really had that before with my anxiety but it's like I'm fixated on it now well I seem to be alot this morning for some reason I had bloods done yesterday for reassurance like a full blood count thyroid liver kidney etc so I don't know if I'm subconsciously thinking about the results because my brother passed away 2 years ago from the horrible C to at 37 years old but I think I've coped well my anxiety didn't get worse or anything sorry for the long post I'm just rambling on also I think subconsciously Im worry if I would catch covid a second time again I'm sorry for my long post

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