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Thread: Hull - Yorkshire

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    Hull - Yorkshire

    Hi I am a 45 year old female from Hull Yorkshire looking for friends, someone to chat to ect...

    I suffer with anxiety and am starting a medication increase tomorrow.

    Thanks, Ava x

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    Re: Hull - Yorkshire

    hi ava, you can send me a message if you want to

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    Re: Hull - Yorkshire

    Thank you, I'm not sure how to message you though?

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    Re: Hull - Yorkshire

    Hi Ava, you are welcome to message me if you've worked out how the system works yet? I am a Yorkshireman who lived in the great city of Hull for a while, had a fantastic time while I lived in the city. Would have gone back for a visit last year had it not been for Covid-19, still have many good friends there!!!!! Great city, lovely people! Yorkshire and proud!

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