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    Brain tumor

    Hey guys back again. So basically I noticed a headache that came and went a few months back was a bit worried but I got over it. As of the last few weeks I've gotten more symptoms. Firstly I had these dull pains in both arms and legs which made me fear als (I know now pain isn't a symptom). Coming to work Monday I forgot the pin code to the office which really set me back alot. Immediately I rang the doctor and got put on sertraline my anxiety was insanely high. My first night on setraline i got sick and had incredible anxiety. But even before I was on the drug I had a nauseous stomach for weeks which I read wqs a sign of a brain Tumor. Also my toe has been twitching non stop for weeks. I was in a good place anxiety wise for a while and now I'm at rock bottom haven't eaten in days convinced I'm going to die.

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    Re: Brain tumor

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