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Thread: Pain in left testicle

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    Pain in left testicle

    Hi all ~ 1st time Post.

    Right for the last month I've had a pain in my left testicle (like someone has hit me) went to the doctor who had a feel around and said he couldn't feel any lumps. So he put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks which didn't work - now he's changed my antibiotics (again not working) so he's ordered a urgent ultrasound which got me in a state of panic. I'm going mad here with my HA and this pain - Anyone had this problem?

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    Re: Pain in left testicle

    I'm going through the exact same thing for about 5wks! I've had an inflammation of the sperm tubes before which antibiotics did take care of BUT sometimes even the antibiotics kill the bacteria the achey / sore feeling can last several months (according to WebMD and sufferers on Reddit)

    I've got an ultrasound but no date yet. Avoid masturbation as it can make it feel worse. Also wear supportive underwear like a jockstrap or something tight with a pouch on it.

    Supply an update if you can and feel free to message me.

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    Re: Pain in left testicle

    Just a quick update.

    Finally had My US today and the lady said everything looked okay. The pain has definitely eased up over the weeks - think our minds play on it and make the pain 100 times worse than what a normal person would get.

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