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Thread: Overactive bladder or something else

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    Overactive bladder or something else

    Hi all,
    For the last 6 weeks or so Iíve had bladder urgency. Iíve never had this before but itís often been a case of I think I need to go to the loo right now! I spoke to my GP as in the past I could potentially go 2 or 3 hours sometimes before needing the loo and at the moment in can sometimes be as often as every 90 mins. I had complete blood tests done about 10 weeks ago which were all fine. My GP has been having a phone consultation with me once a month to ease my general health anxiety. I mentioned my bladder symptoms when we last spoke and he said heíll leave urine sample pot for me at the reception of my GP surgery but he doesnít expect to find anything as he thinks itís just an overactive bladder due to anxiety. He mentioned bladder training.
    I just wondered if anyone else had gone through a similar situation.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Good luck everyone.
    Nighttime pacer

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    Re: Overactive bladder or something else

    Quote Originally Posted by Nighttime pacer View Post
    Sorry for the long post.
    Yours aint a long post. If you want to see long posts - check mine out lol

    Overactive bladder is very much a thing with anxiety because it's part of the stress response (the body needs to eliminate urine, poo - anything which will hinder fight or flight) and when all tests come up clear, anxiety is the most likely culprit.
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    Re: Overactive bladder or something else

    I’ve had overactive bladder issues on and off for years. I’m now in permanent medication for it because I seemed to be getting more often. Has always been worse when I’m stressed or anxious. It has been so bad sometimes that I’ve had to go every 30 mins. Bladder training is worth a try, also worth checking you don’t have low grade infection lurking, but could definitely be an anxiety induced thing.

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    Re: Overactive bladder or something else

    Hi NoraB and Aussie11,
    Thanks for your comments. I got a sample pot from the local surgery to drop in at the local hospital so that anything dodgy or mild infection can be ruled out.
    I do think I may have a slight infection but should know something in about a week.
    Thanks again for your replies.

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