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Thread: Ulcer on Gum?

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    Ulcer on Gum?

    Hate that I’m so anxious again so soon. ��

    Tonight I noticed a spot on my gums, in between two of my top teeth, felt swollen and inflamed. No pain at first, just that feeling. I went to look in the mirror, and the spot is visibly discolored (almost bruised), with what appears to be one or two little tiny spots/holes? I’m wondering if a chip cut my gum or something, but the color had me FREAKING. I get swollen gums a lot, canker sores, but I don’t think I’ve had something like this. My mind jumped to the bad things, even though I don’t smoke or anything like that.

    How long should I keep an eye on it before going to the dentist? Does it sound like just a ulcer or canker sore or something? I’m sorry, I’m failing to calm myself. It’s starting to really feel irritated now that I brushed, as well.
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    Re: Ulcer on Gum?

    Watch it for a few days. You can also swish with some salt water to promote healing. If you see any drastic changes or it gets worse definitely get ot checked out but it doesn't sound sinister to me.

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