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Thread: Anxious over a big change with leaving work and home

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    Anxious over a big change with leaving work and home

    It's come to a point where I think my options have run out! My son is a school refusal, he's petrified of catching covid and being around people outside in large numbers and it's having a major impact on my work as I'm having to take a lot of time off, which understandably my employer is getting upset with. I've tried to help my little one and reassure him and I've worked with school to try and get him to settle but it has had no affect and his anxiety has gotten worse .

    My son's mum isn't particularly helpful and ignores his problems and thinks he just cannot be bothered and it causes conflict between them whereby he no longer wants to see her. School have been helpful but it's limited to what they can do so I've got some help coming from the Emotional Wellbeing team. I'm at a point where I'm possibly going to have to have to give up work and move back in with my parents but I feel like it could be both a positive and negative. Having a job helps my anxiety and the thought of not earning money and not having my own place makes me really anxious and I don't want my son to miss education and social time and be in a place in later years where he doesn't have much of an education and struggles to find work but it doesn't feel like I'm left with much choice.

    Wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and found a solution?
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    Re: Anxious over a big change with leaving work and home

    I'm sorry you are going through this. I've not been in a similar position, so I can't really offer much advice, but it does sound like a rotten place to be. How old is your son? Is there any way that he could move to online schooling instead? It's not ideal but for the time being might help him feel a bit less anxious and give you time to do your work.

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