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Thread: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

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    Unhappy Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    SOoooo its been A LONG TIME since ive posted.... I am currently dealing with a lot of hair shedding and its freaking me out!!! for the last month or month and a half i have noticed I am losing a lot of hair. Especially when I shower. I am 28 and naturally have thin hair. Im scared im going to lose too much and be bald. I read that stress can cause hair loss which I have been pretty stressed since september when I found out my mom has 3 brain aneurysms.... I am nervous it set it off for me and I will not stop since I can't stop stressing. I keep researching hair loss and looking at photos of my hair previously to see if I notice any bald spots or thinning areas. I am freaking myself out. I keep putting my hands through my hair and every time I have hair on my hand. I just want to stop worrying so bad. I got my thyroid levels checked last week which were in normal range.... I just need it to stop falling out.

    I wish I knew if I am just being more aware of it since Im paying so much attention to it.... I set up a appt with a dermatologist but it isn't until the 16th. I also have VERY dry scalp ... flakes everywhere. I live in cold minnesota so it makes sense but my nerves are getting the best of me. Just posting this to hopefully get some comfort by some responses. Someone, somewhere... HELP!!!!!!

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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    Hello you sound like your in the thick of it Anxiety bless you, stress can make you shed hair my was coming out l was so stressed out k went had blood test l was low in vitamin D, gave me some vitamin D tablets my hair is fine now, it be worth checking l really feel its something simple not anything to be getting yourself in a state for, l totally understand though xx take care xx

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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    Yes, very common. Itís called telogen effluvium. Hair starts shedding after a stressful event. Happened to me after my father died. Shed about 4 months. Shower days were the worst, omg! I dreaded them. I was convinced Iíd go bald. In the end nobody even noticed but me! I lost a ton of hair but Iím telling you nobody knew but me! The key is to try and not stress. Literally brush your hair in the morning and put it up and forget about it. Stop running your fingers through your hair,every time you do you are causing more stress.
    Take biotin, eat healthy and try not to worry. I promise you will not go bald!!

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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    I know exactly how you feel as I went through this myself about 12 years ago. Not sure what caused it but think was stress and lack of vitamin D, plus the more I worried about it probably the worse it got from a stress perspective. I thought I would literally go bald. My hair was coloured dark at the time and it got to a point where was getting a little bit noticeable to others (only if I pointed it out). I took Vitamin D and Biotin and ended up (as I stressed myself stupid) going to a hair clinic and being put on topical treatment of Minoxidil, which I had to use for about 4 months. Not sure it that worked, the vitamins, or if it would just have stopped shedding on its own to be honest (which is probably the case and I could have saved a lot of money!). The other thing I did when I was worried about it being noticeable was to use Nanogen hair fibres. It's the powder type fibres that you shake onto your hair and it's like miracle stuff, completely covers the thin bits (worked really well for dark hair, wasn't as effective when I was blonde again but still worth it). If your blood tests are saying your Vit D, Vit B, Thyroid etc are fine, then it is very likely to have been triggered by stress and will go back to normal when it's finished the cycle it's got itself into.

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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    When I google Telogen Effluvium I see people with a lot of balding areas. I washed my hair today and cried again. I have never in my life lost so much hair!!!!! I honestly can't believe it. I really hope it stops!!! Sooner than later would be great. I did start taking hair, skin and nail vitamins but when I wash it and see all that hair it makes me stress even more!!!!!!!! Did you do anything in specific to make it stop?! TY for your response. Makes me feel much better just reading it.

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    Telogen effluvium

    Please help. Please someone say theyíve had this before and have recovered from it. I am so sick of seeing all this hair loss. So scared Iím going to have bald spots. Iím stressing and stressing everytime I see a hair fall. Iím a 28 year old female with thin hair as is, I donít want it to keep falling out. I see a dermatologist next week but am so anxious I donít want to wait. Every time I shower and brush my hair I have handfuls of hair. My thyroid levels are normal. I donít see why this is happening to me. I canít stop googling and crying . Please help
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    Re: Telogen effluvium

    "Telogen effluvium"

    Gee have you been googling?

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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help


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    Re: Telogen effluvium


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    Re: Hair Shedding like crazy, please help

    I go through phases of losing hair, or (key point here).......noticing I'm losing hair. It's either stress or a normal bodily function.

    Only a few months ago I had a period where every morning I woke up, the pillow was covered in strands of hair and I each time I showered there were hairs all over the shower tray. I could run my hand through my hair and I'd be pulling out 2-3 strands each time. I had just lost my job at the time and then my uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so a lot of stress going on. In fact if I run my hand through my hair quite firmly now I can remove at least 1 hair each time.

    I think your body sheds a certain amount of hair per day anyway - someone on this forum told me that. So if you're doing things like running your hands through your hair, your just helping the natural function of shedding.

    Try not to worry, you're thyroid levels are normal which is a big positive.

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