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    New to HA

    Hi everyone,
    I have had gad for a number of years and have all the usual ups and downs but have been surprisingly not too bad this year, even with the pandemic.
    That was until my husband, then my daughter, then myself, tested +ve for covid 6-8 weeks ago. Since then I have developed this awful obsession with my health. I am aware of every thing/sensation/feeling and so far in a week I have obsessed over renal failure, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, bowel cancer and pancreatic cancer. I am at the stage where I donít know which of my aches and pains are real and which are imagined.
    I spoke to my GP on Friday and she was really good and prescribed Sertraline, which are still in the box because now Iím scared theyíll do me more harm.
    Iím stuck in this spiral of fear and I donít know how to break the cycle.
    Does anyone have any advice/tips please? Anything?

    Thank you


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    Re: New to HA

    Please do read the sticky threads in this forum - they have loads of advice that will help

    ďDon't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.Ē - Natalie Babbitt

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    Re: New to HA

    Thank you, I had a look at them. They are really helpful.

    thanks xx

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