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Thread: Tenderness over carotid artery on left side of nexk

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    Tenderness over carotid artery on left side of nexk

    Itís been awhile since Iíve post, so hello again. This morning I started having a pain over the carotid artery on the left side. I thought it was muscle at first until further inspection.

    It doesnít actually hurt until I touch it. Movement doesnít irritate it until my head is stretched at an angle as far as it can go. Itís mainly in one single spot that stretches maybe an 1 1/2 inch. When I tilt my head back, it feels tighter on the right side.

    Just looking for some insight so I donít go down a rabbit hole.

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    Re: Tenderness over carotid artery on left side of nexk

    Sore muscle. I get this frequently, usually because I wake up with neck pain due to sleeping with my head in less than ideal positions.

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