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Thread: Health Anxiety Spiralling

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    Health Anxiety Spiralling

    Hi. As can be seen from my various different posts my Health Anxiety is really spiralling. I know that due to stressful events in my life, my health anxiety peaks. I do go to see a psychologist but due to the nature of my job, I donít think anyone can help me.
    I work as a pathologistís assistant. I assist in autopsies. I have done this for years. But last couple of years my health anxiety is ruining everything. I gave become paranoid about using formaldehyde. I also think I have various cancers/diseases.
    This week I am panicking about having used a bone saw and inhaling bone dust, so I will die from mesothelioma. Then I panic about getting a prion disease or Alzheimerís from an autopsy. I am going bananas. And no one can obviously tell me that this will not happen. I love my job but feel I will have to leave soon. Or maybe it is too late and the mesothelioma is already happening. When I am on a roll the thoughts get crazier. Sorry for going on and on.

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    Re: Health Anxiety Spiralling

    Hi minion, I'm sorry to hear that your health anxiety is spiralling at the moment. I am sure your therapist would have already discussed some strategies to help you manage your fears, especially as your job involves considerable exposures to various triggers. I was just wondering how close you are to some of your colleagues in the same profession, and whether or not you would be comfortable asking how they manage to deal with the above substances that you are worried about everyday? Perhaps they might be able to give you some practical insights into why they aren't fearful that these substances might cause any harm to their health. Or perhaps you may find that they are worried as well but have some coping techniques that they may share with you

    All the best and take deep breaths, know you aren't alone
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