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Thread: My childs leg hurts - very worried

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    My childs leg hurts - very worried

    Hi there. My 7 year old got up this morning for school and on the way he said his leg hurt and was dragging his feet and limping slightly, he said he stretched and it started hurting so I dropped him at school and didnt think to much of it. I have just stupidly googled and it said it could be leukaemia. I'm so worried about him, I'm really scared. Is there anything else it could be? Should I be worried?

    Please reply
    Love Louise xxxxxxxxxx

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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    Could be growing pains. I remember having those horribly when younger. He could have also pulled a muscle stretching, or twisted some odd way. I don’t see any need to jump straight to leukemia.

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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    I would say growing pains as well.

    What were the other hundreds of reason for it that you didn't read about on Google?

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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    Quote Originally Posted by louise0501 View Post
    Should I be worried?
    No. Children get growing pains, mostly in the legs.

    The jump from growing pains to you Googling leukaemia is self destructive madness.

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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    he said he stretched and it started hurting
    So, why would you then do internet searches and come up with leukaemia ??? Can you not see, the cause and effect here, and how bizarre it is to presume the sudden onset of a rare cancer. Thats like seeing your bin has blown over, googling it and coming up with a meteor having hit it !
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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    Hi Louise, I also have a seven year old and I can say this is perfectly normal. We've had this on a fair few occasions, it's just growing pains.

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    Re: My childs leg hurts - very worried

    I'd put my left nip on it being growing pains. All three of mine have had them. I still do.
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