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Thread: Keeping it together over the next 2 days....

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    Keeping it together over the next 2 days....

    Hi all

    Looking at recent posts it seems a lot of us are coming back to NMP for help with HA recently 🥺

    Itís nice to know youíre not alone but also makes me sad that so many people are going through this too

    I am supposed to be at work today but I spoke to my manager last night about having today off so I could talk to and hopefully go see my doctor get her to check me over and hopefully put my heart fears at rest and I could carry on until this lifts

    We have to ring at 8am for docs appts and she isnít there until Thursday 😞 so for the next 2 days Iíve got to try and keep it together I had a relatively good day yday didnít have a panic attack came close once or twice but managed to keep it at bay I worked last night as well and was ok

    Today I donít feel as calm as yday havenít panicked yet but still got that constant feeling of being frightened in my stomach and chest my back muscles are very sore I am taking paracetamols every 4 hours to try and get some relief also using hot water bottles

    I want to ask the doc if itís possible the new bed I bought 3/4 weeks ago could have caused a fibromyalgia flare up and then the pain from that being in my back and chest sets my heart related HA off is that possible?

    I feel guilty for not being at work I feel like Iíve let myself down for not being able to face it

    I am definitely going to speak to the doc Thursday even if I feel better I need some kind of treatment plan I need to think about medication for this because itís ruining my life

    A friend at work told me to try Kalms tablets has anyone tried these? Did they help at all? I would rather take something like that for a start to see how I do

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Keeping it together over the next 2 days....

    I think keeping busy and distracted is good. Laying around googling never helped a single health anxiety sufferer (me included).

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    Re: Keeping it together over the next 2 days....

    Certainly keeping active is the best thing to do in order to keep your back muscles loosened up.

    I suppose Kalms could be of use as a placebo effect but you'll feel better getting a bit of exercise, freeing up tense, contracted muscles and not thinking about your heart or how you need to talk to your GP as she is the only one who can reassure you. Truth is that you are the only one who can reassure yourself with HA.

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    Re: Keeping it together over the next 2 days....

    Hi all

    Thanks for the replies guys

    I do keep active I walk 30 mins a day with my son it really does help to keep active

    The only trouble I have is my mind wanders and I know I could use head phones and listen to music but I like to hear things around me always danger aware 😬

    Iíve noticed the mornings I seem to be at my worst which makes me think it could be my new bed has set my fibro off and that has set my HA off plus ibs 😔 it sometimes a lot to deal with

    Thanks again ☺️

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