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Thread: Colonoscopy no appetite after

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    Colonoscopy no appetite after

    wondering if anyone else has had this?

    I had my first colonoscopy last night at around 6:30pm. Had anaesthesia.
    My mum has had lots of colonoscopies and heard a lot of other people say they are starving after.

    I ate a biscuit and a cup of tea after i had anaesthesia at 7pm yesterday. Itís now 4pm the next day and I have no appetite at all. I was very anxious yesterday and had lots of panic attacks so maybe that plus the shock of the MoviPrep has made me feel a bit nauseous and stopped my appetite?

    Got a bit of pain but feels more like trapped wind from the air they pump into you doesnít feel like anything bad.

    Has anyone else had the same lack of appetite?

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    Re: Colonoscopy no appetite after


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    Re: Colonoscopy no appetite after

    I havenít had one but after my endoscopy I had no appetite either. Perhaps itís similar?
    Iím sure your appetite will come back soon, youíre probably on a bit of an anxiety come down.

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    Re: Colonoscopy no appetite after

    Quote Originally Posted by Eevie View Post

    Got a bit of pain but feels more like trapped wind from the air they pump into you doesn’t feel like anything bad.

    Has anyone else had the same lack of appetite?
    Your colon has been through a lot in the last few days - limited diet, then nothing at all and the world falling out of your arse so it's is nice and clean for bum-cam. Some people will be hungry after colonoscopy. Others won't. My husband usually eats like a horse but he didn't want to eat at all after his colonoscopy. I farted for Britain after mine and wasn't hungry.

    Have some peppermint tea if you're still windy and your appetite will come back in it's own time, but do ease your digestive system back in gently...

    Also, take some probiotics to put some good bacteria back in...
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