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Thread: Sharp pain in chest

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    Sharp pain in chest

    The weirdest thing just happened to me. I was working around the house and started to rip open a medium sized amazon envelope and I got a massive sharp pain all throughout my chest. It was weird. It hurt quite a bit. Literally like electrical pain in my chest. Lasted for seconds. I have no idea whatís going on but Iím kind of freaked out. Iím 46 female and a non smoker. Anyone have this?

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    Re: Sharp pain in chest

    I've had it quite a bit today but I'm not having a heart attack.

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    Re: Sharp pain in chest

    It's likely a pulled muscle - remember there are muscles in your chest as well.

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    Re: Sharp pain in chest

    The pain in my chest at the moment is heartburn from the hot curry I had for dinner had to buy some good ol gaviscon

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