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Thread: Blood pressure worries...

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    Blood pressure worries...

    I'm 31, healthy weight and don't smoke, but everytime i take my blood pressure it's around 140/80...

    I take my blood pressure at home when i'm completely relaxed, and systolic is always between 136 and 143. Diastolic always between 75 and 84.

    Should i be worried? I've been testing over a few days and always get close to these readings everytime.

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    Re: Blood pressure worries...

    Is there a reason you're self-testing? Doctors orders?

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    Re: Blood pressure worries...

    Hi Fishmanpa, No it's probably my health anxiety, i don't have any problems, just read somewhere that knowing your BP is very important, but probably not at my age.

    However, i do find it weird that my systolic BP seems quite high everytime while Diastolic is normal?

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    Re: Blood pressure worries...

    I went through a similar spell of checking my blood pressure constantly earlier in the year, I'm also 31 and healthy weight. I was finding readings similar to yours, so called my doctor and he just said don't worry as young as you are those readings are fine, but we may do an ECG and use some pills just to prevent future issues to get it back to target range.

    In the end, his assuring words (and a nice youtube video I found to relax me) I was able to actually relax, and my readings dropped to around 120/60. At that point I binned the meter and haven't worried about it since (or at least tried not to)!

    High systolic and normal diastolic is consistent with anxiety, if your heart rate is at all raised when taking the test I would keep trying until it is your normal resting rate. Sometimes we feel relaxed but when that bloody thing starts inflating it can make us quite anxious. There is such a thing as 'white coat syndrome' which can also affect blood pressure measurements even when taken at home.

    If you are concerned you can speak to your doctor, I'm sure he won't be worried. Blood pressure of 140/80 is extremely common and not life threatening.
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    Re: Blood pressure worries...

    My blood pressure is ridiculous high at the moment it was in the 200s doctor put me on medication its only come down to 180 /96 so again l am changing medication hopefully l will get there so don't worry about your readings take care xx

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