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Thread: Feeling VERY disoriented after a nap

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    Feeling VERY disoriented after a nap

    I just took a daytime nap, not even sure for how long, and woke up feeling EXTREMELY foggy and very disoriented.
    It lasted for about 30 min and gave me so much anxiety it almost send me into panic

    I just couldn't think clearly at all.. it's not like i just felt tired, it felt more like i was hit by a bus and my mind wasn't working yet.
    I've had this before and it's always after a nap, never during normal sleep..

    Does anyone else experience this? I feel like i never want to take a nap again

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    Re: Feeling VERY disoriented after a nap

    It’s one of the reasons I try not to nap in the day - I always wake up feeling rotten. You probably felt worse because you let your anxiety run free. Best to just deal with it until it goes. Drink water, have some food.

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    Re: Feeling VERY disoriented after a nap

    That happens to me a lot as well. I think it has something to do with not getting a full sleep cycle in before waking up, and perhaps needing more sleep than a single nap allows.

    I still go a little bit crazy sometimes...
    but now I don't stay near as long.

    [Mostly] managing anxiety, HA, and depression.

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    Re: Feeling VERY disoriented after a nap

    This is called “sleep inertia”. It’s absolutely nothing to worry about. NOTHING to worry about.

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