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Thread: Can anxiety make you physically ill?

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    Can anxiety make you physically ill?

    Hi all,

    I have recently posted on another forum and have been getting really bad with my health anxiety again (if anyone is interested in helping or reading the whole thing, then please go to female health problems in 'symptoms').

    So i've been very anxious this afternoon and I have been feeling quite ill since. I've had mild anxiety for a few days and my stomach has been off (sorry for tmi but I just keep needing the toilet). But today I really freaked out with my anxiety and not long after my throat and chest felt a little dry and like I needed to clear it/like I had a chesty cough. Then I have had on and off mild headaches for the past few days. I also feel very hot sometimes. The latter two symptoms could be from the household heating be on too high (my partner has a habit of turning it right up). But I just feel generally unwell. After my dinner I had hiccups (which isn't uncommon), but during one of the hiccups a very small piece food came up my throat and I thought I was going to be sick. All of this of course makes me more anxious as COVID-19 is a big source of anxiety for me. Anything that has been 'off' with me I start attributing to that for the past few months (even though I haven't been anywhere apart from a supermarket and even then I'm super careful).

    In my original post today I detailed that I am getting very anxious because I'm worrying immensely over not getting my period yet (despite the fact I am not yet 'late' and I only had sex once and it was fully protected - more details in the post). So of course I'm worrying about these 'symptoms' in conjunction to that. However, they often seem to appear when I am anxious or thinking about it. I almost feel as if I was to get my period now, all of these symptoms might go. Another thing - as weird as it sounds - I watched a TV show this evening and the last time I watched it I was really ill with tonsillitis. It almost felt like watching it brought back the feeling of being ill - as if I associated that memory with feeling unwell. Would my body go as far to trick me into feeling that way?

    Is this something to worry about? is there anyway of keeping my anxiety from causing me to feel physically ill? I am actually not doing myself any favours as usual because the more I stress and fret the less likely my period is to actually arrive.

    Thanks all, I could just use some support. My health anxiety comes and goes, but when I do get it, I seem to get it really bad.

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    Re: Can anxiety make you physically ill?

    Hi, my HA has just returned really bad. I'm pretty sure its causing all of my physical symptoms... sore shoulder, headache, throwing up, numb hand/leg. Its truly awful. Its all I can think about and its ruing my life 😪

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    Re: Can anxiety make you physically ill?

    Anxiety can definitely cause you to feel ill. I had terrible issues with the bathroom during the worst of it. And you're right, the stress can definitely keep your period from starting. You said you're not actually late yet so try to relax. Remember no amount of stressing over something is going to change the outcome. You're just causing yourself more harm worrying. I know from experience this is easier said than done. I'm here if you need someone to talk or vent to though <3

    I hope you feel better soon.

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    Re: Can anxiety make you physically ill?

    Thank you both for the responses - I feel better at the moment as I've been trying to keep my anxiety down. The physical symptoms definitely came during or after moments of intense anxiety (I've had anxiety over other things this week too), so I can now see it was my body's response to it. Thanks again and I hope you guys are doing OK right now with your HA.

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