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Thread: Skin cancer?

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    Skin cancer?

    I have this thing that I think has appeared over the last 2 days on my hand. It looks like a bit like a bite that looks a bit like a small, blind pimple. Itís just a bit darker than skin colour. I donít know if itís actually itchy, or if itís my anxiety hat is making me aware of it. Itís not bleeding, black or red, but it is raised like a bite. Does it sound like skin cancer?

    I think that this might actually just be my anxiety talking, but Iím not sure. Itís quick becoming a bit of a symptom for me - when my anxiety is out of control I find myself on this forum...and I have had a permanent tight chest for a week and had a few panic attacks. So maybe it is just my anxiety. I donít know.

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    Re: Skin cancer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Worrywart1234 View Post
    Does it sound like skin cancer?
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    Re: Skin cancer?

    I have a new bump on a monthly basis that I have no explanation for. None have caused a single issue.

    I sometimes get weird rice feeling ones under my skin. They all just go away in time. Human bodies are weird.

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