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Thread: Tips for getting over fear of doctors? (Tingling in leg)

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    Question Tips for getting over fear of doctors? (Tingling in leg)

    Hello, HA has unfortunately come back with a bit of a vengance recently. I've been experiencing quite intense tingling in one of my upper thighs at night time when I lie on it (if I lie on my side to sleep) and a bit of tingling elsewhere in both legs, but mainly there. Nothing else notable, no pain and it doesn't look anything different.

    Anyway, I am aware that it's important to see a doctor for tingling (and I know nobody here can diagnose me!) but I am absolutely terrified. I'm 27, in fine health, but I'm always terrified about any kind of medical intervention (even though I obviously know that if they do find something, it's best to know about it!).

    Is there anything anyone can say that might help somebody with awful doctor phobia? I will book an appointment (have to wait until tomorrow due to the booking system at my docs), but it might not be for a couple of weeks, so any words of wisdom that will help me not be a nervous wreck for up to two weeks would be really appreciated! Thanks

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    Re: Tips for getting over fear of doctors? (Tingling in leg)

    I know exactly how you feel! I had a tingling sensation go down my thigh, just randomly when I was sitting watching tv. Then once I tuned into it I got more and more anxious. I did go to the doctor and got told it was nothing to worry about. Now when it happens I acknowledge it and forget about it and move on. Try and not worry.

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    Re: Tips for getting over fear of doctors? (Tingling in leg)

    The only way to overcome that fear is to just go. I had bad dental anxiety and ended up needing a root canal and several fillings from years of putting off seeing the dentist. The first couple appointments were rough but now I dont even get anxious about it anymore.

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    Re: Tips for getting over fear of doctors? (Tingling in leg)

    Hi there, I hope you’re feeling better already. It’s always a good idea to book an appointment to see the doctor, if something isn’t sitting well with you, so you’ve definitely done the right thing. I hope you managed to get an appointment sorted and that it’s not too far off. I very much understand HA in relation to seeing doctors when we have a symptom that’s niggling at us. The truth is that the majority of the time these things are often completely harmless and there’s no cause for concern. Often things can’t even be explained, but just ‚happen‘ without being anything untoward. But the reason it's always a good idea to see the doctor for any kind of new symptom is so anything serious can be ruled out or picked up on, which then means you can act on it and resolve it. I know doctors vary and sometimes you don’t feel like you have gotten a proper answer or some might seem a little insensitive than others. I think therefore it’s important, yet I know this is rarely possible with the strains on the health system, but if you find a doctor you feel comfortable with it’s worth asking to see that doctor if possible and I think most surgeries do try and accommodate those requests. I for example, tend to prefer seeing a female doctor- that’s just me, so I will always ask if I can see a female doctor. That’s perfectly fine to do. Regardless though, all doctors are in that profession because they want to be and because they want to help others. Otherwise they could have done other well paid jobs that are less stressful. They’re knowledgable and can often be very reassuring too. They understand that we can’t diagnose ourselves and we come to them to look for answers and support to our medical issues- be they big or small. I’m sure you will be absolutely fine and you’ll feel so much better once you’ve been and got everything checked out. Worrying about things is always far worse than the reality. �� I’m sure you are going to be fine, but good for going and best of luck with the appointment. Take care.

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