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Thread: Health anxiety back (worse than ever) after 8 years

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    Health anxiety back (worse than ever) after 8 years

    I joined this forum about 8 years ago after my first proper bout of HA. It followed the birth of my daughter so I blamed it on hormones and it eventually disappeared.
    Fast forward to about 8 weeks ago... I had the sudden realisation I was late for my smear test (I've previously had treatment for pre-cancerous cells) so went into a major HA spiral, was convinced I had cervical cancer. I booked and paid for a private smear (despite not really being able to afford private healthcare!) But I couldn't wait the 2 weeks to see my GP. The smear came back clear, but since then I've been jumping from one cancer to another.... ovarian, pancreas, currently breast/spine. I've been having pain in my shoulder and back, plus cold/numb right hand, tingling right leg. My rationale side wants to say these symptoms are caused by the anxiety, but I can't help but convince myself I'm going to die and leave my children. I'm constantly crying feeling/being sick, struggling to focus at work. My partner is understanding but I feel stupid telling him how I feel. I've booked to see a counsellor on the NHS, but that's in 2 weeks time. I think I will go see my GP next week as I can't go on feeling like this. Thank you for reading.

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    Re: Health anxiety back (worse than ever) after 8 years

    Sorry to hear you're feeling bad. I can agree the symptoms are probably from the anxiety. I have similar symptoms when my anxiety is high. I also struggle with HA over cancer and heart issues. I dont really have any advice because I struggle too. But I can relate. Just remember you beat this before and you can beat it again. Positive thoughts.

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