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Thread: Any tips on how to stop "checking" yourself?

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    Re: Any tips on how to stop "checking" yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by pulisa View Post
    The fact that you try isn't in fact a "fail". It's a perceived "fail". What you see as "success" wouldn't be eradication of anxiety but an ability to live comfortably with and accepting of anxiety.
    I've taken some pretty big backwards steps lately, and am struggling to even work now. Getting dressed in the morning feels like an achievement.

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    Re: Any tips on how to stop "checking" yourself?

    Eat Weetabix and watch Rugrats then. Try again tomorrow.

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    Re: Any tips on how to stop "checking" yourself?

    I'm printing Nora's list for myself. That's useful!
    There's no reason for waiting to follow your dreams, you never know if you're going to be able to later in life.

    I am the king of typos.

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    Re: Any tips on how to stop "checking" yourself?

    here are the Four tips i follow.

    1- Be loving and kind.
    2- Recognize what your body does for you.
    3- Limit the time infront of your mirror.
    4- Do something uniquely special.

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