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Thread: Therapy exploring why

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    Therapy exploring why

    Hello everyone,

    Iíve seen a few posts on here about how successful people have found therapy that explores why they feel the way the way they do, and itís something Iíve been thinking might be useful to me for a while. If this is something youíve done, was it CBT? And how did you go about finding the right therapist for this?

    2020 was unfortunately my most anxious year so far, and I had CBT in September but only three sessions as I was feeling slightly better by then. It was online - via chat not video - which I donít think was right for me, and it also looked at challenging my thoughts re specific diseases which was really helpful, but my anxiety seems to now not focus on something specific but just a feeling of doom that anything bad will happen. This is why I think exploring why I feel like this may be helpful.

    If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. My CBT was through the NHS but Iím happy to pay to get seen quicker.


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    Re: Therapy exploring why

    Hello, cry.. I've been seeing my therapist via phone calls since CV and I got used to it. I find therapy very helpful, and we (mostly) practice CBT, and I think its the best way to deal with my OCD and tendencies to ruminate over things I have no control. We go over everything during our sessions and she tries to figure the 'root' cause(s) of my depression and anxiety - rather than just focus on pills and managing symptoms. Indeed - 2020 was just terrible and anxiety was 'off the hook' for a lot of us; no doubt. I do understand that feeling of "doom that anything bad will happen" all too well. Perhaps therapy could help you get to the root causes of this feeling to better understand at least the impetus to this feeling. If you can afford a therapist, I'd say its worth a shot, otherwise continuing with CBT through NHS could be helpful still. Good luck

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