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Thread: Does anyone here have a job

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    Does anyone here have a job

    With telework becoming a new norm, I wonder if anyone here has been lucky enough
    to find a job? I had a Zoom interview and answered all her question well but she said they still need to meet me in person. This is so frustrating!

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    Re: Does anyone here have a job

    Don't believe everything you think.

    Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

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    Re: Does anyone here have a job

    I think that’s pretty normal for a prospective employer to meet their new hire in person. Even if the job you’re applying for is remote work, they’re still going to want to meet you face to face prior to hiring. I doubt very much you’ll find a job where that’s not required.

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    Re: Does anyone here have a job

    Going back to work.

    About five/six years ago, I was lucky enough to get offered a job in a busy estate chip shop. This was through a friend so I had to pluck up the courage to go meet my boss. This was the most nerve racking experience so far. This was only one man, how bad could it be. Haha, I went with my friend so wasn't alone. He was very friendly and wasn't fazed by my problems, as I had told him about them. I got a trial run as I had explained my issues and wasn't sure I could cope.
    My first shift came and so did the mania and panic. I had done my make up and got all ready. By the time I got to work, my make up was no more and I was a sweaty mess. haha. Luckily I was early, so had time to compose myself.
    The doors opened and I'd never seen a shop so busy. Panic and anxiety were rife. However, I knew the job as I'd done it elsewhere when I was younger. So I had to throw myself in and get on with it. Which I did. Still sweating, and manic, which worked in my favour. I couldn't stop myself chatting away and soon, the physical effect wore off. I was there until the first covid lockdown, when I lost my job. This devastated me. I had been so proud of myself holding down a part time job for years. What was I going to do.
    Then, two days ago, I get a phone call from my old boss. This was very surprising but an amazing phone call. He was ringing to ask me to go back, not only that but he had to add (which I find hard to except, although nice to hear.) I was and am the best staff member he's ever had. My customers, were still asking after me.
    I am pleased to say, I'm going back, which is normally something I don't do. I can't say that I am any less anxious about it. but this once my issues have helped me. My manic behaviour did me a favour.
    So I say, Go for it. You can do anything with these problems, with a little understanding and perseverance.
    Good luck. Xx

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    Re: Does anyone here have a job

    Since my last job that didn't allow AC, I've developed a really bad fear of going to a public transport because I got really sick twice and now I can't imagine working in the office. Unfortunately there are no more remote positions for someone who doesn't have advanced skills and I'm lost, I will starve because of stupid policy that everyone should work in the office. I can't afford therapy, I can barely afford food and I can't hop on a bus to go see the doctor. I am trapped in my home, living alone, with nobody to help me, I have no friends of family who can help me.
    I thought that my life can't be worse but it always surprises me.
    I was relatively okay and I was going everywhere and that stupid job ruined me.

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