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Thread: Moles and panic

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    Moles and panic

    Hi. Iíve been anxious about moles for years. Iíve had about 8 removed, most come back atypical. I had a dodgy one removed about 4 years ago that came back Inconclusive, they couldnít figure out what it was, so I was treated as if it was something bad but very early stages. They said they werenít worried and I was followed up after wide excision of the mole for 18 months. Since then Iíve had a few more off. Iím waiting for the results of two now which is making me sick with panic.
    Cut to tonight. I have just been confirmed covid positive so am isolating and Iím a new mother to a 3 month old baby. I was looking through some baby photos from the past few months and noticed a weird spot above my eyebrow in a selfie. I checked in the mirror and there is a dark black/red spot there. I checked back at photos and it looks like there has been a mark there since at least June. The thing is, Iím not sure if Iíve been picking at it or not, I have been aware of something there for a while but never thought that it could be anything bad. My health anxiety is through the roof right now anyway. The spot/mole looks red around the outside and dark/black on the inside I think. On earlier photos it looks pinkish red. I am freaking out. I am already scared these other results will come back with bad news and now this.
    I have taken a picture of it and it looks dark and shiny up close. I wish it wasnít one thing after another. I am already feeling bad with covid and now this. I have basically written myself off with having C. I donít even know why Iím writing on here after so many years. I think itís just because this is a new mole/dark spot appeared and ive never had to deal with that before, itís always been Ďatypicalí moles but that have been there for many years. This one looks different. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks

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    Re: Moles and panic

    Sorry I cant be of more help but I didn't want to leave you with no responses.

    I would ring your doc and explain everything. They can advise.

    A baby of 3 months old, I doubt you are getting sleep, covid and all the other stress you are under it is vital you talk to someone in a position to help.

    I have read somewhere that moles can change during pregnancy. Something to do with hormones. My brother had a mole removed and his doc thought it was nasty, turned out to be atypical so please dont worry until you need to. Sounds like you are on the alert with your skin so the chances are you have caught anything nasty early.

    Have you got support at home or are you on your own? In either case talk to someone.

    Lastly, enjoy your baby. Blink and you miss it. Dont waste time panicking when you could be enjoying your little one.

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    Re: Moles and panic

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I have lots of atypical moles and have had my scare of melanoma scares. The great thing about melanoma is that if you catch it early, it is super easy to take care of. I’ve known lots of people who had it and are just fine.

    I wish I could tell you there’s no way you have anything wrong with you. Unfortunately, life isn’t like that. I hope you can get to your doctor soon and get checked out. That’s the quickest way to put all this behind you and move forward with loving your new baby with every bit of your heart.

    I had five children. They are all grown up now, And I am a widow living all alone. I often think of those days when I had my little ones and craved a few minutes of silence or the chance to take a nap. It seems like just yesterday.

    Hugs to you,


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